About Us - The Baby Place

Our Story...

Once Upon a Time..well about 15 years ago...a baby was born very early, actually, extremely early, and after months and months of ups and downs in hospital he was finally allowed home.
That's when his Mum realised that she had bought enough beautiful baby clothing to dress an entire County of new babies!
So she gave a lot to Charity, and Sold some....
And then she bought some more... and some more... and kept on selling it to other Mums' as they loved that it was so 'different' to what was available in their local shops.
It gradually grew into a business, and the first boutique was born!
Fast forward 15 years, and we are now The Baby Place...
Still selling online because we love it.. and still offering the most gorgeous, and a little bit 'different' baby clothing, accessories and occasion wear.
The 'Mum' is now looking forward to the future when she may have a Grandchild to dress and spoil, but until then she will keep on trying to dress every baby in the Land in the beautiful things she finds xx
So Welcome to The Baby Place - We hope you love it as much as we do!
The Baby Place
Our collections are all hand picked with love and brought to you from the UK, Spain, Portugal, Canada the USA and more..


We only bring you Baby Fashions that we we would buy for our own, making sure the best quality, the prettiest styles and the most reasonable prices are passed on to you and your baby x